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Don't delay!  These won't last at such great prices!!

These unique, one-of-a-kind carvings are ready for purchase.  They may be paid for by Credit Card, Cashier’s Check or Money Order...or CASH if picking up in person. The price does not include shipping.  See below for additional information.

Celestial lovers.  Originally  $330.00.  

REDUCED to $250.00.   36" W x 27" H

One of 15 made in myentire career.

Majestic American eagle. Made from black walnut..  
Originally $750.00.   REDUCED to $525.00.      
23" x 23" x 23”  I don't make this stuff up!

The Loving Sun…canbrighten any room
Originally $225.00..
REDUCED to $175.00.  
This carving is made from tropical Norfolk Island pine and is naturallymulticolored .

Octopus sucking tiki skull.  
Originally $350.00.  REDUCED to $275.00
Made from mahogoany.  8.5" W x 48" H
View optional view under Custom Creations

Shipping cost is formulated by height, width, depth, weight, distance,and finally class of shipping.  Dimensions and weight for each tiki are listed.  Please note, if the item you want is marked sold , you can custom order one for yourself anyway...unique and made just for you!

The tikis come with a pressure treated base (piling)attached to the tiki.  Or, to save shipping costs, you can choose to receive detailed instructions and attach your own base.  The bases (piling) are only needed for outdoor installations.  The carving itself is unfinished, but they can be finished like any wood product.  The bottoms of the tikis are sealed with polyurethane.  Outdoor carvings should be sprayed with Thompson's Water Seal twice a year (least amount of maintenance).  Caution: Thompson's Water Seal should not be used indoors due to de-gassing odor from the chemicals.

Depending on where you live, I might be able to come to your location to either build or assemble your tiki product.  And remember that when you purchase from me once, it will always be a sale for you thereafter (My Repeat Offender Program).Please submit all Emails on my contact page.  Thanks again and Tiki on!

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