Really Nice Tikis


Kia Ward was born with a wild and untamed imagination.  As a young child, he dreamed of being a sculptor and a carver of wood and stone.  As he got older, he began writing songs.  He produced and engineered the music and songs he created.  Dennis Genovese, a fellow artist and friend, once told him his creativity was a like a water faucet that could not be turned off.  Kia is a man of integrity and professionalism.

Kia began carving in New York City long before moving to Florida, where he now resides.           

He carves Mayan sculptures with glyphs. He also carves all types of tikis, including Hawaiian, Moai, Tongan and Samoan.  After moving to Florida, he began carving dolphins, manatees, pelicans, sharks, herons, egrets, panthers, masks, birds,gnomes, and even nudes – virtually any subject imaginable.  Kia is also experienced in carving tiki bars and tiki furniture.  Tourists who visited his stand near the beach would lament “I’d love to buy one, but I can’t fit it in my luggage.”  To satisfy this group of purchasers, Kia created suns and moons that would fit in their suitcases. 

Thousands of pieces have been sold to people from countries all over the globe.       His work decorates some of the most exclusive resorts around the world including England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia,South Africa, Peru, Brazil, and all across the Caribbean, to name a few.  Kia has even       sculpted panels for the Minnesota State Fair, corporate lobbies, restaurants, and resorts.

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